Friday, August 14, 2009

Searching for the Perfect Water Filter - Understanding the Water Report

How to understand what the water report is saying. Well…after reading through the EPA water drinking regulations, it should be quite easy to understand the water report. NSF International provides a detailed description on their website.

On my report, only couple of substances were mentioned so I called the municipal water system company and asked them about all substances they are testing. The surprise was that they are testing for many more substances than those on the EPA list and they were not included in the report because of their undetectable levels. No perchlorate, no atrazine, no MTBEs, etc. I was very relieved and nicely surprised to find out that my family (and the surrounding neighborhood, of course) is drinking one of the cleanest waters in the country.

However, I would still like to test the water for copper and lead which were identified bellow acceptable levels, but the road from the water tank to my sink is quite long.