Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Baby Bottles Free of Bisphenol A

As a parent I am worried about the presence of Bisphenol A (BPA) in baby bottles. The results of the studies are controversial depending upon who paid for them. I am not planning to discuss about all these studies, but if interested, a comprehensive review of them can be found in the articles: Large effects from small exposures. II. The importance of positive controls in low-dose research on bisphenol A. or Toxic baby bottles. The Environment California Research and Policy Center states in their review that that the government fails to protect the consumers from toxic chemicals. The body of our babies is the most fragile and like a sponge for every toxin in the environment. It is alarming that there is no government protection to it. Thus, it remains to us the consumers to become aware and search for the safest things we offer to our kids. Therefore, I made my homework and searched for bottles that are BPA free - like those made from glass or a safer non-polycarbonate plastic for my new baby.

Brands tested and found to leach BPA at harmful levels:

Avent (Natural feeding bottle)

Dr. Brown’s (Natural flow)

Evenflo (Classic)

Gerber (Premium feeding system)

Playtex (VentAire)

BPA free bottles:

Born free – made of polyamide (the new and safe plastic) or glass. They can be found on the Born free website, in Whole Foods stores and at Amazon. They are quite expensive but given the outcome and the long-term use, they are worth.

MAM from Sassy (UltiVent) - made from polypropylene. I tried these ones but the plastic smelled pretty bad and entered the milk (as confirmed by my little one who did not like the milk). I washed and sterilized them several times hoping that the smell will go away eventually but I ended up returning them back.

Medela – all their bottles are made of polypropylene. I am using these ones with a Medela pump which is excellent.

Evenflo – glass bottles. I got these ones and I am very happy with them. With the glass ones I have the assurance that no plastic (safe or not) goes into the baby’s milk. They are classy and cheap. They can be found on the Evenflo website, at Babies R Us stores or at Amazon.

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