Sunday, February 24, 2008

What is in the Fragrance?

While the industry is strongly arguing that the phthalates and other chemicals used in fragrances are safe, environmental activists have started a battle in alerting people of the ingredients found in fragrance. In the U.S., the ingredients in the fragrance are not regulated so the industry can put, basically, anything inside the bottle. The FDA required that manufacturers should list the ingredients found in their cosmetic products but failed to do the same for the ingredients found in the fragrance. Some resources are saying that more than 4000 chemicals are used in fragrances and these include toluene, petrolatum, ethanol, acetone, formaldehyde, limonene, benzene derivatives, etc. These ingredients were found to be linked with birth defects, cancer and various illnesses. Take a little time to watch the video and decide for yourself!

Let’s try to void ALL scented products that have "fragrance" as an ingredient - including all perfumes, colognes, personal-care products, after-shaves, , air fresheners, clean products, etc.

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xtremit said...

Yes so true the ammount of volatile organic compains in these perfums are more than in any other industry. Also the amount of trees and flowers crushed to get that sweet fragrance makes the perfume industry an environmental disaster