Thursday, July 3, 2008

Going Green - Product review of the Week - Baby Cribs

Well, there are tens of models or even more, so choosing a crib for my baby was more a matter of price than a matter of model or design. I wanted something that was considered safe and within a good price range. For the first baby I got a crib made by Delta and it was around $150, at Target. Now I am not very proud of my choice, but at that time was the best I could afford. For the second baby I looked into a more greener alternative and I felt fleeced by "green" offering -- and I had a nagging feeling that it's just marketing. Besides, they do look cute and modern and all that, but it's an 'investment' that you make for only 2 years, so is it really worth it?
So, I was thinking what could be wrong with the ones from Ikea ? They are made from real wood, look nice and Ikea is already well known for its safe and eco-friendly products. So I ended up with one of their cribs and I like it a lot; It is made from real wood (pine), unfinished (it does not have applied any lacquer), it is adjustable (it has two positions), and yes, it is cute just because it is so simple.

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