Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Green Scam

Many of us are probably felling guilty that we do not do enough for leaving a green life good for us and our environment. We read through websites about so many tips and ideas of becoming green – that sometimes I feel that I can never do it given my budget and the style of life. And I would probably never be able to do it. But, I try, and little by little I started to do lots of things. However, I am always amazed how easy is for some people that I wonder if they are really doing what are they claiming or it is just a way of making money. Of course, making money by brainwashing people is not an invention; it has been there forever. But, I became sensitive at the “green” claims of those whose purpose is to get rich without thinking seriously about it. For example, let’s look at some of them.

The Greenopia- Their pledge is “We are with you in aiming to create a more sustainable, sensible and sane world. Our team will bring you the latest eco info and our listings will guide you to local resources, businesses and services so you can do what you do every day—greener.” Hmmm….but they offer to buy their guide printed on paper. Is this really green? I did not see the guide, but I would not be surprised if it is printed on high quality white and shiny paper. Another one, even more hilarious is “Thepurplebook Green: An Eco-friendly Online Shopping Guide ”. So this is a paper book that would help you to do your shopping online! At least, it seems to be printed on recycled paper, but still is an oxymoron…. Another book named “The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time (Paperback) ” offer[s] tips on becoming green. One of them is “Don’t ask for ATM receipts”. What about selling the electronic version of the book and suggesting not to printing the book?

These are very, very few examples amongst the wave of freshly painted green bag of tricks, scams and schemes. I may exaggerate but I do not see the point of printing so many “green” books when people are trying hard to do something for the planet. And when you read these kinds of books you start feeling guilty that maybe you do not do enough? Well…there is so much free information online, I do not see the need of buying a paper book, yet killing another tree.

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Anonymous said...

From the inside of the Greenopia New York City cover:

"Greenopia is committed to making a positive impact on the environment. We have made every effort to produce this book in an environmentally sound manner-beginning be ensuring our researchers took public transportation, walked, and rode their bikes to cover each of the five boroughs during research.

Greenopia has partnered with to offset 100 percent of the carbon dioxide (CO2) gas emissions related to the research, production, printing, and transport of the guide. This offset covers the amount of electricity used to print and bind the books, as well as the transportation related to our research of the guide and its delivery to our distribution centers. will use our donation to support renewable energy projects.

[The guide is] printed on New Leaf Sakura 100, made with 100% deinked recycled fiber, processed chlorine free, and manufactured with electricity that is offset with Green-e certified renewable energy certificates.

All Greenopia guides are printed with ink containing the highest soy content possible for the selected printing process.

The printing of this guide was executed by Ceneveo Anderson Lithograph, a Los Angeles, California, environmentally sustainable printer that is FSC-certified and has a "zero" landfill, 100 percent recycling policy for all hazardous and non-hazardous waste by-products. Anderson Lithograph generates all of its own electricity and thermal power and is the only Air Quality Management District (AQMD) certified "totally enclosed" commercial printing facility in the United States. This process results in virtually zero volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions being released into the atmosphere. This book would have to be printed an estimated forty times by Anderson Lithograp before polluting the air as much as one printing at a non-certified, totally enclosed printer."

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for a reply to this comment...

Lucia said...

Anonymous - whoever you are,

thank you for your comment. After reading Greenopia's pledge (,
I still don't understand why in this day and age a subscription based online community was not a better idea.
Thanks for the update!

Lucia said...

Anonymous - even more, please read from Greenopia's website:

It looks live even Greenopia acknowledges the right of "Refusing to purchase products or services sends a clear message to producers. In short, you will not support harmful and destructive practices that threaten the biodiversity of our planet and/or violate humanitarian principles derived during any stage of a product or service life cycle. Consumers must become more diligent with purchasing habits and ask, “When I purchase this product or service and assume ownership of it, what am I really supporting?” And, “When I’m done using the product or service, then what happens?”"

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone needs some actual wisdom imparted.
If it says green, eco, enviro, or anything remotely like it it is a lie. There is NOTHING mankind has done can do or will do that has ANY EFFECT on this planet. Sorry but its actual SCIENTIFIC FACT. This planet is COMPLETELY self-sustaining and self-regenerative. ANYONE that tells you any different is selling you something. This is he biggest sucker scam since three card monty. Make the world a better place kill a tree hugging PETA supporting, obama loving liberal.

Daniel said...

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Himanshu said...

report any scam at provide a link and get a link back

Anonymous said...

If its says "green" its a lie a scam a myth and a hoax...Ther is no such thing as carbon footprints and CO2 is NOT bad for the planet. There is NO natural resource shortage NO water shortage NO global warming and mankind has NOT had does NOT have or WILL not have any impact on this planet or the environment..They actually used to teach this is THIRD GRADE when they used to teach science in schools. The planet is SELF SUSTAINING AND SELF REGENERATIVE..
If its a liberal tree hugging hippie bathe it shoot it dig it up and shoot it again