Thursday, April 17, 2008

Green or not? Natural vs. Eco-friendly Living

I was looking to buy some new pillows (made from organic cotton and filled with down) when I came across this product on the Macy’s website (image below). This is a pillow with the cover made from organic cotton, filled with polyester, has a biodegradable packaging, and a good price. The organic cotton is certified, which is great because I learned to always look for certifications, and the packaging is biodegradable (although it has to be certified to be accurately true but it can be meaningful even if is not certified as shown in previous post ).

Now here's the dilemma: the polyester fill is made from recycled plastic bottles which, of course, is great for the environment. But is this great for human health too? I wonder what kind of chemicals are used in the cleaning process of the bottles and what other chemicals are used along the way of the process? Well, I am all for an eco-friendly world but in the same time I am seeking a more natural way of leaving. But in my effort to become green should I choose these kinds of products over those that are made from natural fibers and ingredients?

This product is all the marketing buzz you can stuff in a tag line, but is it worth paying for chemically processed garbage in an organic cotton bag and use it as a pillow?

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