Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Chemicals in the Shower Curtain

I visited some of my friend’s house this weekend and their kid was so happy to have a new shower curtain with fishes all over - she wanted to show it to me. When I entered the bathroom I immediately felt the strong smell of the new shower curtain. It was a vinyl curtain and I recalled that I saw news on TV about the chemicals in the vinyl shower curtain.

A study found that more than 100 chemicals are released by vinyl shower curtains, and some are at levels that violate indoor air safety standards. While the industry claims that the reports are not based on facts and the vinyl shower curtains are safe, the toxicologists are arguing that there is a “range of volatile aromatic hydrocarbons that are coming off” that are dangerous for our health (especially in the confined, small, and humid bathroom when taking the shower). Truly or not, I think it is safer to get rid of those vinyl shower curtains; they are ugly anyway. And there are so many alternatives to it: polyester, cotton, or combination of them. You can find them at Ikea, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target, Macy's, actually in almost every store that carries out home articles.

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