Friday, June 20, 2008

Going Green - Product Review of The Week - Baby Bottles

Since recent voluntary recalls of baby bottles containing Bisphenol A, I looked through the stores to see how many manufacturers are actually trying to change their bottles made from polycarbonate. Surprisingly or not, there are not so many companies that do it. Companies like Advent don't even bother while other companies are trying to add new bottles free of BPA without necessarily removing the ones made from polycarbonate. I am using for my baby the Evenflo Classic Glass Nursers glass bottles with silicone nipples (bought separately); they are excellent and durable; they seem a little heavy at first and I was wondering if my baby will be able to learn to drink from these heavy bottles by himself and he does it; we all got used to it. They come in 4 oz and 8 oz bottles and are cheaper than other glass bottles. I would like to see why Dr. Brown's or BornFree Vented Glass Bottles are so expensive; it is glass in the end. I have tried Sassy MAM, but the plastic smelled so bad even after repeated washes and sterilizers; I had to return them to the store. Although there are alternatives like the new plastic polyethersulphone (PES) and the polypropylene (PP) - considered safe, when it comes to my baby I take no risk anymore. Glass should be safer than any plastic.

I will try to come up with a list of companies that have BPA free baby bottles.

Glass bottles PP bottles (#5) PES bottles
Evenflo Classic Glass Nursers (4oz and 8oz) $5.99/3bottles Medela Breastmilk Storage and Feeding Set $23.99/1set BornFree Bottles (5oz and 9oz) $17.99-19.99/2bottles
Dr. Brown's Glass Baby Bottles (3.5oz and 7oz) $35/2bottles Sassy MAM Assure UltiVent (5oz and 9oz) $11.99/3bottles Green To Grow Bottles (5oz and 10oz) $7-10/1bottle
BornFree Vented Glass Bottles (9oz) $10.99/1bottle Gerber Nurser Clear View (9oz) $5/3bottles ThinkBaby Bottles (5oz and 9oz) $10.99-14.99/2bottles

Gerber Fashion Tints (5oz and 9oz) $8.88-7.88/3bottles

Dr. Brown's Polypropylene Baby Bottles (8oz) $16.95/3bottles

Adiri Natural Nurser Ultimate Bottle $12.32/1bottle

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