Friday, March 21, 2008

Going Green: Product Review of the Week - Dish Washing Detergent

Dishwasher detergent

With dishwasher detergent I was not very successful at first. I have always used Cascade and was very effective, but it contains phosphates and other chemicals. I tried seventh generation (the gel) because I like their products a lot but I had to double the quantity of the detergent poured in the dishwasher. Sometimes it has left powdery residue after a load. I tried Ecover and I still got residue on my plates, especially on pots. Now I am using Seventh Generation the powder detergent; it seems it washes the pots a little better, but I guess I will continue my search for a better one.

Conventional detergent
7th Generation Powder
Cascade Complete Gel
Ecover Tablets
7th Generation Gel

Dish detergent

I used to like Palmolive but in my effort of becoming green I have tried safer solutions like Seventh Generation Free and Clear and the one with the Lemongrass and Clementine zest. I liked both but I tried also Ecover and got in love with it; it very soft on hands and it cleans well. It is way cheaper than the Palmolive I used to buy.


Karin said...

I found this bit of news, which tarnishes Ecover's green reputation. Maybe. Wonder how much Dioxane is too much? See the post:


Lucia said...

Thanks, Karin, I actually found the news too and posted an article previously. I am a little upset since I like Ecover a lot.