Monday, March 17, 2008

How to Go Green: Product Review of The Week

Going green seems to be very easy at first and the idea, of course, is very appealing for each of us. Who does not want to be part of a free-chemical world with less pollution and live his/her life in a healthy way! Well, I am trying hardly to become green and as much as I want, I discovered that this is not an easy process. I read all these websites and stories of people who are having so many solutions and, at first, I say it is easy. But then I discovered how expensive is to get an organic cotton sofa or mattress, to remodel rooms, to install solar panels, and so on. I cannot afford being green this way, so I needed to start with little things little by little and changing everyday something, without breaking my bank account. And it worked until now. I have changed many things in my house and in my way of living and, of course, I still have many things to change ahead. I am starting the series “Product Review of the Week” trying to make a review and a comparison of prices of green products and conventional products I tried and used. I hope this list would be useful to many people who are considering going green but the price of the products scares them. You will find out, that there are green products that cost less if you know where to look for them; sometimes the price difference between a green product and a conventional one is so small that it does not make sense not to chose the green one; and sometimes the differences are larger, but considering the savings you get from other products and the impact of the green products on our lives and on our environment it may be worth to try.

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