Friday, March 28, 2008

Going Green: Product Review of the Week - Paper Towels, Bath Tissues, Facial Towels

Paper Towels
If you are trying to go green and change your paper towels this should be good news for your wallet. The green paper towels cost less than the conventional ones. After heavy using of Kleenex Viva which I used to like a lot, in my effort of becoming green I started to use 7th Generation 2-ply paper towels. They are not so great as Viva but I got used to them.

Natural/Green $/sheet Conventional paper towels $/sheet
7th Generation 2-ply 0.02 Scott 0.04
Green Forest 0.02 Bounty 0.03
Earth Friendly 0.02 Kleenex Viva 0.03

Bathroom Tissue

The green bathroom tissues can cost less too. I have tried Natural Value and 7th Generation and I liked more the first one. It seems to be more durable.

Natural/Green $/sheet Conventional bath tissues $/sheet
Natural Value 2-ply 0.001 Charmin ultra 2-ply 0.004
7th Generation 2-ply 0.002 Kleenex Cottonelle 0.003

Scott 0.001

Facial Towels

The prices for facial towels are comparable as well. I have tried MARCAL and 7th Generation. I did not like either of them much; if you have a runny nose that lasts longer than a day it is quite easy to get a rash from these. I think I will stick with Kleenex (with lotion) or use some cotton towels until I will find something better. I am still looking for better ones.

Natural/Green $/tissue Conventional facial towels $/tissue
MARCAL (great value now) 0.002 Kleenex with lotion 3-ply 0.02
7th Generation 2-ply 0.01 Puffs 2-Ply 0.01

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ONNO said...

Thanks for doing the break down/sheet. I have been buying 7th Generation products for a couple of years always thinking they were more expensive but doing it because I believed in it. This is great news!

Dagny McKinley
organic apparel