Monday, March 17, 2008

Going Green: Product Review of the Week - Laundry Detergents and Softeners

Fabric Softener

I have tried both Ecover and Seventh Generation and I liked them both. I used Downy and Snuggle in the past and what I did not like much was the strong smell of the perfume. Ecover and Seventh Generation smell nice and the fabric feels soft and fresh. At Amazon they are cheaper than the conventional products. Once you like something you can try finding it on Amazon because they have good deals but they sell them in batches. That is why is important you like the product first. The price comparisons are made per load used. For the softeners the prices of the green ones are lower so, why not trying them out?

High-Efficiency Laundry Detergents

If you are trying to go green and change your detergents this can be expensive. I have tried Seventh Generation Free and Clear and Baby Seven Generation and I liked them a lot. I did not try other green detergents since I liked these ones. Particularly, I found no difference between the Seventh Generation and Baby Seven Generation in terms of ingredients. This can be quite expensive, but if you are looking for sales you can get good prices. I used Tide, Cheers and, respectively Dreft in the past but now I switched to Seventh Generation Free and Clear and Baby Seventh Generation. It is more expensive that the others but after looking at the ingredients list, I decided that my family is worth the price difference.

Conventional detergent
7th Generation 2X Free & Clear
Tide Free HE 2x
Ecover Powder
Cheer HE 2x
7th Generation Baby
Dreft powder

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